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How To Start & Grow A Wildly Profitable Online Business With Virtual Summits
Me and my students have used this proven method to collectively generate millions of email subscribers and 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue in just the past 5 years alone.
100% No Cost! - Live Webinar on Thursday June 17th, 2pm ET | 11am PT
"Even if you are starting from scratch, IF you want to build your audience, create relationships with influencers in your industry, establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and increase your revenue, Virtual Summit Mastery is the way to go." 
- José-Luis Romero
“Our audience grew from 2,500 to 30,000 thanks to Jan and his strategies inside Virtual Summit Mastery.” 
- Cynthia Allen
"Love Virtual Summit Mastery and telling EVERYONE to create a summit 🤩

I even plan on one for the non-profit I’m working at and already have a Swedish one lined up after my own (and first) summit in Feb is over..” 
- Andrea Endres
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Jan Koch

Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Owner of Virtual Summit Mastery
I've gone from working in an underpaid job to running a business that not only provides for my family but lets me spend time with my wife and daughter whenever I want.

I've generated hundreds of thousands of dollars directly from my online business. Join my live class and learn how you can build your dream online business and lifestyle with virtual summits too. 
Join This Free Live Webinar
Join me for this super valuable live masterclass to learn my 5 lessons to start and grow a wildly profitable online business with virtual summits.
(Without these simple secrets, there's no way I would have made millions of dollars in my own online business… and definitely not as quickly.)
  • My proven step-by-step system for hosting a wildly successful virtual summit in 90 days or less (without any skills, experience, list, product, influencer relationships or even an online business)
  • The exact strategies I how I used my virtual events to generate 10,000's of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales
  • How to leverage your virtual summit to grow your authority, income, impact and business FAST
  • ​My step-by-step roadmap to earning $10,000 or more from a single virtual event + get paid to build a large email list of buyers
  • ​How to get the leaders in your field to create your product for you for free AND promote you to their audience (even if no one knows who you are yet!)
  • Real-world case studies of successful Virtual Summit Mastery students who used our system to collectively generate millions of email subscribers and 10's of millions of dollars in sales in 100's of different markets
  • ​PLUS huge LIVE Q&A, and much more!
Join These & Other Successful Virtual Summit Hosts Who Took Action & Changed Their Lives
The Virtual Summit Mastery System helped me earn $370k+ and 30,000 email subscribers in less than 2 months… it completely transformed our business to a multi million dollar online education company (the summit we did in 2016 was even bigger with almost 40,000 opt-ins!). It all started with the proven VSM system.. go sign up to his training now!

Chandler Bolt
VSM Graduate & Host of The Self-Publishing Success Summit
The Virtual Summit Mastery Method resulted in growing our audience from 2,500 to 30,000 people. We now have a true community wanting to move better and feel better!

Cynthia Allen
VSM Graduate & Partner At Future Life Now
Running virtual summits was a life-changing decision for me. As a direct result from hosting 3 virtual summits I connected with many influencers in the industry, built an email list of 4,500 subscribers and got over $58K in revenue. Joining the Virtual Summit Mastery course changed the way I now live with my family and we were able to move to Mexico. Such a journey would have seemed almost impossible 2 years ago.

Augustas Kligys
VSM Graduate & Summit Host For Amazon Sellers
If there is ONE thing that has changed my life more than anything else online… it’s virtual summits. I’ve never seen or heard of a program that is as value packed full of awesome content that literally hand holds you through the whole process to virtually ensure your success. I’ve generated over 30,000 email subscribers and well over $155,000 in revenue using his Virtual Summit Mastery Method. I can’t recommend VSM enough!

Mitch Asser
VSM Graduate & Host of the Fasting Summit
Virtual Summit Mastery was life-changing. I was able to get 4,500 email subscribers and over $100K in revenue just from selling the all-access-pass (and this was only my first summit!). Forever grateful… thanks VSM!

Jen Taylor
VSM Graduate & Host of Play Therapy Summit

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